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March 15, 2015                                            Fourth Sunday of Lent

Living In Christ



Witnessing For Christ


Synopsis: Today in worship Emily Hickman and Marie Morgan share their witness of Christ in their lives.  This is our fourth Sunday to draw our worship theme from the lessons in the Living In Christ booklet published by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.  This final lesson is titled “Witnessing For Christ.”

      Witnessing for Christ is God’s plan for believers and serves as an invitation to those who would be born again.  On the believers side their witness for Christ is not so much a matter of words as it is a way of life.  A believer’s words will never be able to carry the weight of conversion the way the witness of their lives do.  Christianity was never intended by Christ to be a way of thinking or a way of talking.  People of the Way of Jesus Christ are called to live in such a way that their lives serve as a witness to the presence of Christ in them.  It is God’s way.

      Unbelievers are born into the kingdom of God when they come God’s way.  They do not get to choose the way nor the time.  They must respond to the Spirit of God drawing them to God’s self.  The first step of faith is to believe in Jesus Christ.  That is the first step onto the path that Jesus Christ has blazed for them.  The path ends in heaven.      Salvation is a work of God’s grace through the power of the Holy Spirit extended to whoever will trust in Christ Jesus. 


Scripture Text (NIV): Memory Verses Acts 1:8; Matthew 4:19;

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