Emmanuel Baptist Church Podcast : Who Do You Think You Are? The Great Identity Question.

Sermons presented at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Jefferson City TN by Dr. Sonny Strange

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January 27, 2013                                                                                

Sermon Series: What On Earth Are We Doing?


Who Do You Think You Are? 

The Great Identity Question

Judges 6:11-16


Synopsis: Robert Fulghum in What On Earth Have I Done:            

Stories, Observations, and Affirmations presents four “Great Mother Questions.”  The fourth one is “Who Do You Think You Are?”  It is, as he writes, “the big one”.  “A flourishing life depends on how you answer that.”  Let’s explore this great identity question.

      We usually begin this quest with a flurry of facts: name, rank and serial number sort of thing.  We might even mention the color of our skin, hair or eyes and possibly even identify ourselves as male or female.  We often talk about what we own or drive.  This is the type of information that falls prey to identity thieves or others who might want what you have.

      Next we advance to identify ourselves in terms of relationships.  We are the child of, spouse of, a member of this family, that church, or these various groups.  We might even point to what we do or have done.  Where we have been employed often enters the conversation. 

      We have to dig down really deep to come up with who we are at the next level.  That’s when we discover that God has been waiting for us to ask that question so He can help us discover our true identity.  It is in the discovery of our true identity and a life lived accordingly that we are promised to find fulfillment.  It was that way for Peter and Gideon and is promised to be that way for all God’s children.

 Scripture Text (NLT):  Matthew 16:13-20; Judges 6:11-16; John 10:6-18

 Scripture Reading: Judges 6:11-14

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