Emmanuel Baptist Church Podcast : What on Earth Have You Done?

Sermons presented at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Jefferson City TN by Dr. Sonny Strange

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January 6, 2013                                               First Sunday of 2013

Sermon Series: What On Earth Are We Doing?


Introduction to the “Great Mother Questions”

What On Earth Have You Done?  The Great Yesterday Question


Synopsis: What’s different about today?  It is not yesterday.  Life is different today.  Just a few hours ago today was known as tomorrow and in just a few more hours it will be yesterday.  This is where life is lived but before we go too quickly into today let’s take a moment to recognize some of the things that happened to get us where we are.  How are you feeling about yesterday, or last year?

      Robert Fulghum wrote a book titled What On Earth Have I Done:        Stories, Observations, and Affirmations.  It’s first chapter is the inspiration for this four part series on the great mother questions.  The first one being “What On Earth Have You Done?” 

      The question did not originate with mothers, in fact, according to Genesis 3:13 Eve (the mother of all living) was the first to hear it asked.  God did the asking.  God asked it again in Genesis 4:10.  This time it was Cain, the first born.  These two references certainly lend a lot of relevance to the question.

      Looking back, what you did and what was done to you become parts of your unique story.  There isn’t another you and there isn’t another story just like your story.  How do you feel about your story so far?  Maybe, a more important question is how do you think God feels about your story?


Scripture Text (NLT):  Genesis 3:8-13; Genesis 4:8-12

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