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August 19, 2018 What’s Ya Need? 1 Kings 3:5 Synopsis: Have you ever been in one of those situations where you were caught not knowing what to ask for? Maybe it happened when you were getting ready to order something at a new restaurant or searching for something online. There are times when you really do have to be careful about what you ask for because you might get it. That is not always a good thing. Solomon had what might be classified as a very enchanting “dream” one night (1 Kings 3:3-14). He dreamed that the Lord told him to ask for anything he wanted. WOW! You would like to have had that dream? What would you have asked for? More wishes? What Solomon asked for was not so much a wish for what he wanted as much as it was a prayer for what he needed in order to do what God had positioned him to do. Believers today need to learn the lesson of Solomon and ask God for wisdom (James 1:2-8) to make the right decisions in their lives (Ephesians 5:15-20). Did you say you had more experience in doing the “don’t” than in doing the “dos?” God has a cure for that if you will trust Him (Psalm 111:10). Text: 1 Kings 3:3-14, NIV; James 1:2-8; Ephesians 5:15-20, NLT Ephesians 5:15-20, NLT; Psalm 111:10, NLT Scripture Reading: Psalm 111:1-4

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Guest Speaker Rick Loy

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July 29, 2018 For This Reason Ephesians 3:14-21 Synopsis: The first half of the letter to the church in Ephesus tells the story of God’s work in Christ Jesus and the Apostle’s prayer for the growth and development of the church. “For this reason” is the phrase that Paul used to emphasize that work. It is found in the beginning of the letter and later on in chapter 3, my text for today. It is because of what God has done in Christ and will do in the church that he prays for their “strength”, “love”, “knowledge” and “fullness”. With these the church may know God’s love and share God’s love with others. Text (NIV): Ephesians 3:14-21, 1:3, 15-23 Scripture Reading: Psalm 14:1-2

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