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December 20, 2015                                      4th Sunday of Advent

The Light of Christmas

Sharing the Love of God With Others

Matthew 2:1-2


Synopsis: The Love Light of God got the attention of the Magi even though they live in a far and distant land.  They were not of the linage of Abraham, but they were attracted to the light of God’s love (Matthew 2:1-12).

      Their journey of discovery led the Magi to Herod but there was no “LOVE LIGHT” shining there.  The religious leaders in Jerusalem pointed to Bethlehem but it was the “LOVE LIGHT” of God that guided them to Jesus.  Even as just a child the love of God radiated from His presence.  The same is true today.  God’s “LOVE LIGHT” shines brightly from the resurrected Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Plus, the “LOVE LIGHT” of God is reflected through the lives of believers every day.

      Believers need to let the “LOVE LIGHT” of God shine through their lives every day of the year and especially at Christmas.  People all around them will be attracted to the LOVE LIGHT of God.

      Every gift has the potential of blessing in two ways.  There is the joy of the giver and the joy of the one receiving the gift.  All who receive God’s gift of love are filled with joy.  That is the joy that the gift brings to the ones who receive the gift, but that pales in comparison to the joy that the giver receives.  There is great joy in heaven whenever someone else receives God’s gift of love in Christ Jesus.  You will never know a greater joy than the joy of the gift of love God has given you in His Son Jesus Christ. 


Text (NLT): Matthew 2:1-12, NRSV; John 15:9-17


Scripture Reading: John 15:9-17

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December 6, 2015                                     2nd Sunday of Advent

The Light of Christmas

Sharing the Peace of God With Others

Luke 1:76-79


Synopsis: The Light of Christmas shines bright because the spark of HOPE has set the kindling of PEACE ablaze.  Soon we will see what the logs of JOY can do when all are fanned into flames by LOVE.  It is the season of Advent and we are celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. 

      People who live in the shadows need the spark of HOPE that comes from the light of God in Christ Jesus.  That spark would be short lived if not for the kindling of PEACE.  Together they start a fire burning that will light the way for others.  Today we celebrate the PEACE of God born in Christ Jesus.  The PEACE of God is not a place but rather a journey.  It is not defined by the absence of things by but rather the presence of Christ.  Yes, Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, but we know He still lives and journeys with us throughout our lives.


Text (NLT): Luke 1:76-79; NIV


Scripture Reading: Psalm 60:1-3

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November 29, 2015                                       1st Sunday of Advent

The Light of Christmas

Advent Series

Sharing the Hope of God With Others

Matthew 4:12-17


Synopsis: “Hope” is the spark that starts the fire for the Light of Christmas!  What is it that you are hoping for this Christmas?  I hope that our Christmas Eve Candlelight service will be the best ever.  Yes I hope we will have more people but I am especially hoping for a movement of the Spirit of Christ in the service that will bless all of us throughout the coming year.  Why?  Because The Light of Christmasis the “hope” of the world.  So I am not hoping for a certain present under the tree, but rather your presence to honor, remember, and celebrate the birth of savior Jesus Christ.

      Today marks the first Sunday in our preparations for Christmas.  Thanksgiving has prepared us well for our journey.  Even so people can get a little selfish at times and Christmas season is no exception.  And even though more gifts are given to charities at this time of the year than any other time some people still want to get all they can and sit on the can.  I’m hoping you are some of those people who have hope because of the Light of Christmas and that you want to share that hope with others.

      How do you share the Hope of God with others?  There are many ways.  One way I want to invite you to employ this Advent Season is to invite others to join you for worship, especially on Christmas Eve.  Keep in mind that “HOPE” is the spark that starts the fire for the light of Christmas.


Text (NLT): Matthew 4:12-17


Scripture Reading: Isaiah 9:1-3

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