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Sermons presented at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Jefferson City TN by Dr. Sonny Strange

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December 28, 2014                                           Last Sunday of 2014


Power Surge: Now Let The Witnesses Speak

Acts 1:4-11


Synopsis: What do you do as a follow up to all the excitement of Christmas?  All the presents have been opened and the great reveal of what was in them is past.  Church attendance is expected to be down as families are spread out visiting here and there and to be honest I originally planned to be gone myself.  What we need in our lives and certainly in the life of the church is a “Power Surge.”  The kind of power surge I am talking about only happens when believers get plugged into Jesus.

      Throughout 2014 my sermons have come from the inspiration of a simple phrase, “Hear Him!”  As we come to the close of the year I want to call your attention to Acts 1:4-11 where you will fine Jesus’ parting words to His Disciples.  Right before He ascended Jesus spoke to the disciples about a “power surge” that was coming their way.  They were told to wait for it and then to speak.  First you have to be plugged into Jesus, then the power of the Spirit flows.  Now that’s a “power surge” that will make you speak.


Scripture Text (NLT): Acts 1:4-11


Scripture Reading: Acts 1:4-5

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December 21, 2014                                  Fourth Sunday of Advent           


A Child Will Lead

Isaiah 11:10


Synopsis: Today we light the fourth candle of Advent that we call LOVE.  In the birth of Jesus Christ the love of God the Father was born in a new and distinctively different way.  LOVE is a Difference Maker. 

      On the first Sunday of Advent my sermon title was The Voice of a Child.  In it I emphasized that the birth of Jesus brought the WORD of God into the world as never before.  HOPE was born in Him.  As we continue through the Christian tradition of Advent we recognize that in Jesus PEACE and JOY were born.  Today we complete our Advent journey with the fact that LOVE was born in Him. 

      So, in Jesus Christ of Nazareth a child has come to lead us to the fullness of life we cannot know any other way.  Jesus is the Difference Maker.


Scripture Text (NLT):  Psalm 8:2, NIV, KJV; 1 John 1:1-4, NIV; John 3:16, NIV; Isaiah 11:1-12;  

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