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February 2, 2014                                          Souper Bowl of Caring


I Was Hungry!

Matthew 25:35


Synopsis: A few weeks ago I made reference to Murphy’s Law as a way of drawing attention to the phrase, “Jesus said.”  After that I called your attention to what God the Father said of Jesus and what the disciples Peter, James, and John were to do.  Simply put “listen to him!” or “hear him!”  Today, I want to call your attention to what Jesus said about feeding the hungry.

      Have you ever been hungry?  I mean really hungry, not the kind of hungry that comes between meals, but the kind of hungry that comes because there is no meal. I know that a lot of know what it is to fast for a certain period of time, maybe for a religious observance, but most often because of a medical test.  That is not the kind of hunger I am referring to.  I am referring to the kind of hunger that most of us don’t live with day after day.  Those who are hungry matter to God.

      Jesus told a story about the separation of the sheep and the goats in which one of the criteria he named was feeding the hungry (Matthew 25:34-40).  It is what Jesus taught His disciples to do and what they were to teach others to do.  You might call it a sign of life, eternal life.


Scripture Text (NLT): Matthew 17:5, John 14:1-7; Matthew 25:34-40; James 1:22-25, 27; Matthew 28:19-20; Matthew 28:19-20; 2 Corinthians 5:10


Scripture Reading: Matthew 25:34-40

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January 26, 2014                                                                              


Hear Him!

Matthew 17:5


Synopsis: It’s a simple phrase, “Hear Him!” but not everybody is listening.  Some don’t have the capacity to hear.  Seven times in the book of the Revelation this simple word is spoken to the churches, “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”  Listening to Him and understanding what He says isn’t easy even for those who have ears to hear.  There are many voices or maybe I should say there are many noises vying to be heard.  Some, most, at least sometimes all distract us from hearing His message.

      Peter, James and John were privileged to see what very few others have ever seen.  Why?  So they could tell others.  There on the Mount of Transfiguration they saw Jesus transformed right in front of them and joined by Moses and Elijah (Matthew 17:1-9).  Peter suggested building three tabernacles.  I can imagine them being titled “The Law,” “The Prophets,” and “Grace.”  But God spoke from the cloud again to say one voice was to be hear above all other voices and that was the voice of Jesus.

Are you listening?


Scripture Text: Revelation 2:7a, NAS; Matthew 17:1-9, GNB (also: Mark 9:2-9; Luke 9:28-36); John 14:7a, NLT; 1 Corinthians 1:18-25, GNB


Scripture Reading: Matthew 17:1-9

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