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January 30, 2011                                                                              


Only You

God Knows Worship Defines You

Exodus 20:1-11


Synopsis: God knows that worship defines you and that is why it is so very important for believers to worship only the “Lord your God.”  God invites believers into an exclusive relationship.  If we really all desire to get closer to the one God then the closer we all get to God must at the same time bring us closer to one another.

      The Ten Commandments commence with God’s word on the subject of the relationship between the Lord and the people whom God has saved.  The first four commands in Exodus 20:1-11 make it clear that believers are to have an exclusive relationship with the Lord your God. 

      Israel often stood alone in their insistence that there was only on Lord.  The early church continued that same commitment understanding that they worshipped the only God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

      If you are going to worship, then be sure you worship the “Lord your God, who rescued you from … your slavery.”  The redeemed are not to worship any other god, nor bow to any image.  Believers are to revere the name and maintain the relationship. 


Scripture Text (NLT):  Exodus 20:1-11

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January 23, 2011	

Energize Us
Defining Relationships Should Energize You
John 11:1-44

Synopsis:  If you are in a relationship that does not energize you, then I
suggest you ask yourself a question, "Why?"  Why do you want to be in a
relationship that is killing you?
	God invites us into a relationship with the goal of energizing us in
ways that will bring us to life.  It involves God as Father, Son and Spirit
calling individuals out of earth's death traps and into the "Son" light of
life without end.
	Just as Jesus called Lazarus form the grave so to Jesus continues to
call us out of relationships that threaten to destroy us.  Earth's death
traps have a strong hold on us, but Jesus can break that hold with a simple
invitation.  Listen for the voice of the Savior as He calls you out of the
grave and into a new life to walk with Him in newness of life everlasting.

Scripture Text (NLT):  John 11:1-44

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January 16, 2011                                                                              


It’s Personal

John 1:14


Synopsis: Defining relationships are personal.  That is the way it was with God in the beginning.  Creation was and is personal with God (Gen. 1:1-2).  That is the way it was with Christ coming into the world He had created and among the people He had chosen.  God got personal with creation in Christ Jesus (John 1:1-5).  Redemption is personal with God and it must be personal (John 1:14) with everyone who comes to God in faith. 


Scripture Text (NLT):  Genesis 1:1-2; John 1:1-5, 14


Scripture Reading: John 1:14

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January 9, 2011                                                                                


Isn’t a Thing

John 10:25-30


Synopsis: Today I begin a yearlong sermon series on relationships.  During the year I will explore various aspects of relationships.  I begin with the God relationship and start by pointing out that the “main thing” in relationships “Isn’t a Thing.” 

Jesus said, “The Father and I are one.” (John 10:30, NLT)  This is the ultimate relationship.  Neither God the Father nor Jesus the Son were going to allow any “thing” to come between them.  Interjecting “things” into a relationship can destroy the very fabric of the relationship.  For example: when people relate to God on the basis of “things” they elevate the thing above God and have erected an idol in place of the relationship.  Jesus never did that.

      Relationships should give meaning to things.  In the relationships of a family a house become a home.  In the relationships of a congregation a church building becomes a sanctuary a center of worship.

      The main thing in life isn’t a thing.  It is a relationship.  The main things of life are not things!  Listen carefully, We go awry in relationships every time we fall into the “thing” trap. 


Scripture Text (NLT):  John 10:25-30


Scripture Reading: John 10:25-30

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Guest Speaker Rick Loy

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