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On The Path #6 C2 5K Couch to 5K

On the Path Ep #6

Interview w/ Rick Loy

Practicing the Presence of God #5



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Mission Report Preview

A Preview of the Reports from our summer mission teams.

Costa Rica

New Oreleans


Appalachian Outreach

Vacation Bible School

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Inside Out

July 11, 2010


Inside Out

Psalms 42-72


Sermon Synopsis: This sermon looks at Psalms 42-72 from the aspect of satisfying one’s soul hunger.  Then it proposes some soul searching questions.  Where or what is your deep hunger?  What is your soul hungry for?  We take a look at the past to identify sources of that hunger and to find ways to satisfy our soul hunger.  The Psalms, when taken personal, guide worshippers into the Holy and help them satisfy the hunger of their souls from the Inside Out.


Scripture References (NLT): Psalms 42-72

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NOAH Field Report #4 Round Table


On Thursday of our trip, I got to sit down with Greg Schloesser, the man responsible for organizing our trip, Tim Jones and Jeff Grace, the "foremen" of our work crews, and Dale Williams, the newest member of Emmanuel to be joining us to talk a little bit about their experiences thus far.  While hearing Greg talk is nothing new, it was great to hear the "Strong, But Silents" Tim and Jeff really open up about their time so far.  Listen closely to the end when Tim's wife Joan sneaks in!

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Freedom of Worship

Sermon By: Sonny Strange, Freedom of Worship

Text: Psalm 1-41 (23)

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