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November 30, 2014                         First Sunday of Advent: HOPE


The Voice of a Child

Psalms 8:2


Synopsis: If a baby could speak, what would he or she say assuming of course that we wanted to understand what he or she said?  A baby crying is not always a welcomed sound, but apparently the babe thinks we need to hear it.  It may just be instinct that causes a baby to cry when he or she is hungry, wet, cold, hurting or just lonely.  It may be just instinct that causes the baby to goo, giggle and make what we think are happy sounds.  We think they mean all is well in the baby’s world, but that may not be the case at all. 

      Now imagine that the infant you are listening to is the Son of God, what would He say?  This is the beginning of Advent, a time when believers are called to come close to the manger to listen for “The Voice of a Child.”  Is it possible for us to hear those first words coming from a babe born in a manger long, long ago?  I believe it is because the babe in our worship today is the WORD made flesh (John 1:14).  His word to us is the word of the Heavenly Father.  If we cannot hear these words from the babe we will not hear them from the Father.

      Do you remember how close you have been drawn to a baby just to hear that first syllable?  Now imagine being drawn that close to the baby Jesus so that you might hear Him speak the words of the Father, “HOPE, PEACE, JOY, and LOVE.”  Advent calls us to listen to “The Voice of a Child.”


Scripture Text: Psalm8:1-9; John 1:14, 1-5


Scripture Reading: Psalms 8

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