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August 26, 2012                                                       Commissioning/Ordination

                                                                                             Start of New Church Year               


Setting Aside for Ministry

Acts 13:1-3


Synopsis:     At Emmanuel we use terms like “Ministry Groups” and “Task Force.”  The reason is to stress service over meetings and working together over authority.

        My sermon today looks at other terms that we need to clarify.  Sometimes we use terms that have long lost their connection to practice.  We will start with Acts 13:1-3 for an introduction of concepts and move to a clarification of terms like “laying on Hands” and “Ordination.”

        The final part of today’s sermon deals with giving “Thanks” to those who have served throughout the church year and to  “Commissioning” those who are being “set aside” to serve in the church year that starts September 1.


Scripture Text (NLT):  Acts 13:1-3, 6:1-6





Dr. Sonny Strange, Pastor


Emmanuel Baptist Church, 1916 Overlook Ave., Jefferson City, TN 37760

Sharing Hope, Meeting Need, Through Word, Gift and Deed

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