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Sermons presented at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Jefferson City TN by Dr. Sonny Strange

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January 11, 2014                                                                              

Power Surge: A Witnesses Speak

1 John 1:5-10


Synopsis: Ok, so the New Year is officially here and in full swing.  Are you one of those who mark the beginning of the New Year with a resolution?  How is that going?  Were you serious about changing your life or just energized by the start of a New Year?

      I have cleared out of my desk the stack of sermon notes collected from sermons preached during 2014.  Today I start a new stack.  It is a natural next step for me.  Yes, it is an annual thing for me not really a new year’s resolution.  I am not sure why I even keep my notes at all.  I seldom ever dig them out to study again; however, I am making an exception today.  Throughout 2014 my sermons have come from the inspiration of a simple phrase, “Hear Him!”  On the last Sunday in 2014 I read from Acts 1:4-11.  This passage records Jesus’ parting words to His Disciples right before He ascended.  Jesus told them to wait for a “power surge” and then they were to speak.  The message for us is the same. First we have to be plugged into Jesus, then the power of the Spirit will flow from the God the Father.  Now that’s a “power surge” that will make you speak.

      Our message is simple (1 John 1:5-11, NRSV).  We are to shine with the light of God.  Like John the Baptist, we are not the light.  We shine with the spark of the Spirit of God in us.  Our goal for this year is to illuminate the way for others.  So get plugged into Jesus and the spark of life will shine through you.


Scripture Text (NLT): 1 John 1:5-11, NRSV


Scripture Reading: 1 John 1:5-7

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