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June 2, 2013                                         Introduction of PLUS ONE


John 1:43-51


Synopsis: Do you know how many stories there are in Scripture where God works one on one with and through believers?  I sure don’t.  It seems like a lot.  Sometimes the work of the Lord is manifest in masses but there are more stories in our Bible about God’s Spirit working in and through individuals that in crowds.  Maybe that’s because more individuals wrote down their account of being singled out by God.  I want to look over some of these accounts and see if I can identify some of the essential elements of what I call PLUS ONE.

      I begin this series with a simple story found in John 1:43-51.  It is the story of Philip being singled out by Jesus and called to be a disciple.  The story continues when Philip reached out to Nathanael and invited him to “Come and see for yourself.”  In the simplest since Philip’s PLUS ONE was Nathanael.  He wasn’t trying to bring the masses to Jesus just one. 

      Philip went one on one to Nathanael, but he was not alone.  Jesus was already ahead of him.  Jesus was an essential element making up Philip’s PLUS ONE.

 Scripture Text (NLT): John 1:43-51; Matthew 18:20

 Scripture Reading: John 1:43-45

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