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Numbered With the Holy

April 11, 2010


Numbered With the Holy



Sermon Synopsis: Numbered With the Holy takes its theme from the book of Numbers in the Old Testament.  The “Holy People of God” are numbered two times in the book.  The first took place at the beginning of their journey to the Promised Land.  The second took place as they were preparing to enter the Promise Land at the end of their 40 year journey.  There is a lot to learn from their experiences on the journey.

      There are many other times that believers are numbered in the Bible.  We usually think of the many numbers associated with the Book of the Revelation (4 Beasts, 24 Elders, 144,000, the number no man can number).  The truth is that we don’t have to wait until the end to be numbered with the Holy.  That happens at least once a week as we gather for worship.  Most believers are counted as members of the church, a Sunday School class or member of a ministry group.  If you’re not you could be and, may I add, you should be.

      We are all numbered with the living all of our days of our life.  Some day we will be numbered with the dead.  That doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  The one numbering that counts more than any other is the one that will take place in Glory.  Those who are numbered in the Lamb’s Book of Life are the ones who will be Numbered With the Holy forever.  Will you be in that number?


Scripture References (NLT): Numbers 1:1-4, 44-53; 14:27-30; 26:1-4


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