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October 28, 2012                                                Miracles of Stewardship Series


Multiplication Factor

Mark 6:38a


Synopsis: Have you ever had anyone ask you, “What’s in your hands?”  That is usually when we talk about being caught “red handed.”  I did a little research on the origin, history and meaning of the phrase and I will share what I found.

        The feeding of the 5,000 is one of many other stories of miraculous events found in the Gospels, but this one stands alone in that it can be found in all four of the Gospels.  Today I am going to use the text found in Mark 6:35-44 particularly verse 38.  

        The miracle of stewardship is not determined by whether or not believers give.  The miracle is revealed in the ways God blesses and multiplies their gifts to meet the need.  The Gospel of John tells us that it was a boy’s lunch, enough for one that was multiplied to feed thousands.  What’s in your hands?  Enough, if you will offer it to the Lord!


Scripture Text (NLT):  Mark 6:35-44 (Matthew 14:13-21; Luke 6:1-15; John 6:1-15); Mark 8:14-21 (Matthew 16:5-12); Mark 2:23-28 (Matthew 12:1-8, Luke 6:1-5); 1 Samuel 21:1-6; 1 Kings 17:7-24


Scripture Reading: Mark 6:35-44




Dr. Sonny Strange, Pastor


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