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January 17, 2016

                                       Let’s Have a Party

                                             John 2:1-11


Synopsis: Who says believers cannot be the life of the party?  I guess that depends on what kind of party you are thinking about.  Jesus and some of His disciples were invited to a wedding celebration and the host ran out of wine (joy).  In the Fourth Gospel John tells the story of Jesus turning the water of purification into wine.  Lots of wine!  Best stuff ever!  Why?  I can think of several reason.  The most important to me is that Jesus was illustrating what the Great Banquet in heaven would be like.  Jesus is and will forever be the life of that party.  Jesus turns the water of our cleansing into the joy of everlasting life.

      Believers should never forget that God, our Heavenly Father, has a party planned for us (Isaiah 62:1-5).        This is the one party you really don’t want to miss.  There should be no question in your mind that there will be a great party and that you are invited Revelation 21:1-8, 22:1-2).  The only possible question is Are you going? (Luke 15:1-7)


Text (NLT): John 2:1-11; Isaiah 62:1-5; Revelation 21:1-8, 22:1-2, NRSV; Luke 15:1-7, NIV


Scripture Reading: Psalm 36:5-10

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