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Let's Sit Together

Sermon Synopsis: Let’s Sit Together

Matthew 14:13-21; August 3, 2008

      The Gospels tell of Jesus performing miracles (often translated miraculous signs) wherever he went.  A total of thirty-seven of these stories are recorded in the Gospels.  Only one of them, feeding of the 5,000, is found in all four.  What does that say about the importance of this story?  

      All of the miracle stories teach something about the kingdom of God.  What signs of the kingdom are to found in this story?

      Jesus served “dinner on the ground” to more than 5,000 that day.  He invited everyone to sit down together.  It is easy to miss the message in this act.  Sometimes churches use the slogan “everybody welcome” as an open invitation for people to come to a revival or just come to church.  The people in the church, however, often don’t really mean it.  Jesus did! 

      All who were there that day ate their fill and still there was enough to feed more.  How many more?  Surely, the twelve baskets full remaining indicates God has provisions for the twelve tribes of Israel.  

      If everyone is invited then that includes you.  Have you accepted the invitation?  Are you ready to sit down with the rest of those who have?

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