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Job: It Doesn't Work That Way

August 29, 2010


It Doesn’t Work That Way!

Job 40:1-2


Synopsis: Job had three friends who came to him in the midst of his crisis and offer him themselves as examples of being blessed by God.  They each in turn advised Job as to what he needed to do to be blessed like them.  I think you will find that the friends had two problems in the wisdom they presented to Job.  First, they were wrong in their evaluation of Job.  What happened to Job was not the result of “cause and effect.”  Second, they were wrong about God.  God is not the divine intervener who eternally supports their laws or understanding of “cause and effect.”

        Job came to the conclusion that “It Doesn’t Work That Way!”  Even a fourth voice is added to the mix before God speaks most clearly.  In the end God vindicates Job and affirmed his conclusion.  Job had a job to do.  God’s vindication indicates that Job did it well.

        If it doesn’t work as Job’s friends describe it, then how does it work?  God could tell you, but you probably wouldn’t understand.  How does a potter explain to the pot why he made it that way?  Faith is required for us to place our trust in the hands of our maker.

        Jesus came to earth as a witness to God’s love of creation.  Jesus had a job to do.  The resurrection is a witness to how well God thought he did.  It wasn’t “cause and effect” that brought Jesus into the presence of the Father.  It was love.


Scripture Text (NLT): Job 1, 2, Philippians 4:10-13; Job 40:1-2; Matthew 4:1-11; John 4:1-38; Job 42:1-6, The Message.


Scripture Reading: Job 38:1-7, David Eldridge

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