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September 23, 2012                                                         Series: Storytelling God


Jesus’ Story of the Searching Father

Luke 15:25-32


Synopsis: Today I want to take another look at the parables in Luke 15.  Last week my sermon looked at the waiting Father.  This week I will be looking at the Searching Father.  It might surprise you to know for whom the Father searched.  He didn’t go searching for the younger prodigal son.  Instead he just waited, but he went out to the older son.

        Luke 15 has three parables about lost things.  I believe all three parables are stories Jesus told about God.  No, God is not lost but the image of a shepherd searching for his lost sheep, a woman searching for her lost coin, and a father searching for his older son all contain clues to understanding God our Heavenly Father. 

        Luke sets the context for these parables in the first two verses.  There are two elements in the setting.  One element, sinners coming to Jesus and finding acceptance, is found in all three stories.  The other element, the religious crowd upset by the acceptance of sinners, is only found in the final story.  

        Jesus’ stories of lost things illustrate God’s search for His children even if they are not aware they are missing. There is a banquet/party prepared and waiting for all of God’s children to  attend.  In Jesus’ time as now many refuse to come.  Are you coming?  Are you still wallowing in the pig pen or just on your way there?  Are you still upset with those the Father has welcomed home?  That’s okay, don’t worry, there is still room for you too.  Are you coming?


Scripture Text (NLT):  Luke 15:3-32


Scripture Reading: Luke 15:1-2

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