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August 24, 2014                                                                                


It’s Time!

Luke 10:3-4


Synopsis: We all seem to be at our best when we “procrastinate.”  We, and I put myself in the crowd, “defer” well.  Procrastination takes deliberate actions.  One has to know something must be done and then defer action until another day.  One of the problems with putting things off is that when it is time for those things to be done we don’t have time to get the task finished.

      Maybe, at least part of the problem with taking action or getting started is that we just get so busy with other things, and there are a lot of other things, that we never get “around to it.”  I actually have a lot of “round toits,” don’t you? 

      In a few weeks Emmanuel will host AmazinGrace 5K.  Maybe you are already getting in shape to participate.  Maybe not!  When it is time for the race to begin, runners will be called to the starting line and they will hear the warning “Get ready!  Get set!” before the firing of the starting gun and GO!”  The runners know that it is not until the shot is fired that the race actually begins.  They have time to do whatever they choose, but when the starting shot is fired, the race starts, whether you do or not.  What happens if you miss the signal to start?  Does the race wait on you?  No?  “It’s Time!” 

      Jesus sent out 72 of His disciples and gave them the power of the Spirit within Himself and gave them the same command that He had from the Father, Go!  Like runners in a race they set out to fulfill their commission and returned later full of excitement because they won the victory.  They needed more help, were told to pray for more help, but they were not to wait for it.

      Matthew’s Gospel closes with that final word from Jesus to His Disciples.  And Jesus said “Go!”


Scripture Text (NLT): Luke 10:3-4; Zechariah 4:8-10a; Matthew 28:18-20


Scripture Reading: Luke 10:1-4

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