Emmanuel Baptist Church Podcast : In Remembrance of Him: A LIFE Giving Memorial

Sermons presented at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Jefferson City TN by Dr. Sonny Strange

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May 26, 2013                                              Memorial Day Weekend


In Remembrance of Him

A LIFE Giving Memorial

Acts 27:33-38


Synopsis: Today’s service is all about remembrances.  We start with the Memorial Day Weekend remembrance of the price of freedom paid by those who died in the defense of the country and the passing of veterans who have served.  This year we lost the last of our World War II veterans.  This generation paid a high price in response to the call of their country.

      The next part of the service we acknowledge financial gifts given to the church in memory of loved ones who have passed in the past year.  We are reminded of the gift each of these have been to the church through their lives.

      Today, we are dedicating new pulpit furniture.  The cost of the furniture was funded by a memorial gift in memory of Margaret Purkey Wright.  She was a unique gift of joy to family, friends and the church.

      The greatest memorial we celebrate today is in memory of the gift of life in Jesus Christ.  The Remembrance (Lord’s Supper) calls us to remember that Jesus was broken for our healing, and gave His life so that we could have life.  The breaking of bread in Scripture often references the Remembrance.  I think that is what Paul was doing in Acts 27:33-38.  The boat was going down but everyone was to be saved by trusting in the provisions of God’s grace.  We celebrate the Remembrance today mindful of the promise of God’s grace in Jesus Christ (John 10:22-42).  Always Remember.


Scripture Text (NLT): Acts 27:33-38; John 10:22-42

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