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June 22, 2014                                                                                    


I Want To Be The Boss!

Mark 10:41-45


Synopsis: Have you ever heard a kid say, “You’re not the boss of me!”?  It probably came as a statement of defiance.  What they really wanted to express is what we all want, “I Want To Be The Boss!” 

      The issue is control and most of us want to be in control from a very early age, infancy.  We make verbal demands on others even before we know we are making verbal demands.  We cry instinctively before we ever learn to speak a single word.  We laugh instinctively just because something pleases us and we may not even know what it is that pleases us.

      James and John wanted to have “seats” of authority in Jesus’ kingdom.  The other disciples did too.  When the other disciples became very upset when they heard James and John had spoken of it to Jesus.  That situation provided Jesus with a teachable moment.  First with James and John who didn’t really know what they were asking for and then with the whole crew because they were misunderstanding the nature of the Way of Jesus (Mark 10:35-45).  Jesus said it is to be the nature of all believers that they serve one another.

      Words are important because they convey meaning and define function.  Sometimes words get used so often that they become names or titles.  Acts 11:26lists three other examples of how that happened in the history of Christianity.  The three words ware church (call out assembly), disciples or believers (followers of the Way of Jesus), and Christians (acting like Christ).  The Greek word translated serve or servant in the Mark passage is “deacon.”  In other places it is not translated at all and that may be why we miss the fact that all in the church are deacons by design.


Scripture Text (NLT): Psalms 19:14; Mark 10:35-45; Acts 11:26


Scripture Reading: Mark 10:35-40

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