Emmanuel Baptist Church Podcast : He Was the Holy Child: The Abundant Life

Sermons presented at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Jefferson City TN by Dr. Sonny Strange

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December 5, 2010                             Series: He Was the Holy Child


He Was the Holy Child

The Abundant Life



Synopsis: Sometimes when thinking about the blood of Christ we lose sight of what it means.  Jesus, in his dying and coming to life again, brings life to all who believe.  Life in Christ is the abundant life.  The purpose for His coming was to make that abundant life possible for all who believe.  He continues to intercede for believers in the presence of God the Father that they may know true fullness of life. 

      In the Gospel of John Jesus offers himself as the bread and wine of the new abundant life in God’s grace to all who believe.  Isaiah used various images of the abundant life and declared they would be realized in God’s timing.  The Lord God of Heaven’s Armies has declared it to be so.

      As you journey through the Christmas Season, don’t forget the bread and wine of Christ.  These are the essentials of the Abundant life.


Scripture Text (NLT): Isaiah 54:1-17; John 10:6-10; Isaiah 55:1-13; John 6:26-58

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