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November 28, 2010                                             Series: He Was the Holy Child


He Was the Holy Child

The Bread of Life



Synopsis: There are three elements used in our Christmas Eve celebration of the Lord’s Supper.  Those elements will be featured in this series of sermons from Isaiah.  Jesus was the Holy Child born to be the bread of life for whoever will come and trust him.

        These are the elements of the Lord’s Table as we celebrate the Advent of Christmas.  Every time we approach this table we do so in response to the invitation of God the Father who in Christ Jesus the Son has made provisions for our wholeness and our holiness.

        I begin today with the story of Phillip and the eunuch from Ethiopia who was traveling back after his trip to Jerusalem (Acts 8:26-38).  The eunuch must have felt a real connection with the message of Isaiah 53.  Was God helpless to redeem him in his exile?  Phillip began with the text and question to tell the eunuch how God had provided the answer in Jesus Christ.

        Jesus came as the “manna of heaven,” the bread of life, the stuff of living, and the provision of God’s power and grace.  It would be a horrible tragedy for a believer to go through the Christmas season and forget the bread of life.


Scripture Text (NLT): Acts 8:26-38; Isaiah 53:1-12


Scripture Reading: Isaiah 53:5



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