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Discovering the Holy January 17, 2010 Discovering the Holy Genesis 12-50 Sermon Synopsis: Today’s sermon continues our journey through Genesis with an eye open to the holy. First, I want to remind you of four basic points about the holy. The Holy 1. God Creates It: The Holy is of God. 2. Humanity Rejects It: Must be Reclaimed. 3. Worship Brings People into the Holy: They are Reclaimed. 4. Scripture Brings People into the Holy: That is why we call it the Holy Bible. Discovering the Holy takes a look at Genesis chapters 12-50: 1. Abram’s Journey of Discovery: Gen. 12:1-9 Signs of the Holy: Abram gives Melchizedek the Tithe: Gen. 14:18-20, Circumcision: Gen. 17:9-14 Encounter with the Holy, Abram is transformed to Abraham: Genesis 18:1-2 Walking on God’s Mountain: Abraham surrenders Isaac, Gen. 2. Jacob’s Holy Nights: Sleeping on Holy Ground, Gen. 28:10-12 Struggles of the Night, Gen. 32:24-30 Transformation, Gen. 35:1-7 3. Joseph: Finding the Holy in Unholy Places, The Dreamer (Like Jacob before him), Gen. 37:5-8 In the Hands of Evil Brothers, Gen. 37:18-20 In the Hands of the Ishmaelites, Gen. 37:26-28 In the Hands of Potiphar, Gen. 39:1 In the Hands of Potiphar’s Wife, Gen. 39:7 In the Hands Pharaoh’s Prison, Gen. 39:19-20 The Dreamer Became the Interpreter: Chief cup-bearer & Baker, Gen. 40:1-4 Pharaoh, Gen. 41:14-15 The Dream Fulfilled, Gen. 43:26 Buried in Hope of a Resurrection: Joseph’s Request, Gen. 50:24-26
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