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Did You Ask Me Why? March 29, 2009 Did You Ask Me Why? John 12:27-28 Sermon Synopsis: Children like to ask the question “Why?” I suppose we all do. This message deals with some of the answers about Jesus’ journey to Calvary. Why did the Geeks coming to see Jesus tell Jesus that it was time. Knowing what lay ahead, why was Jesus willing to be obedient to his Heavenly Father? Why the voice? The Hebrews passage gives a lot of possibilities for answers. Everything about Jesus made him better than any other alternative. He provided the way of salvation to who every will come. Have you responded to his invitation? Why not? Time is running out. Scripture References (NIV): John 12:20-33; Heb 5:5-10 Grace and peace to you in Christ Jesus, Dr. Sonny Strange, Pastor Emmanuel Baptist Church 1916 Overlook Ave., Jefferson City, TN 37760 Phone (865) 475-9424 Sermon podcasts available online at www.emmanueljeffcity.com
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