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Sermons presented at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Jefferson City TN by Dr. Sonny Strange

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June 19, 2011                                                               Father’s Day


Daddy Did

Mark 14:35-36


Synopsis: Kids like to brag about their dads.  That is not always a bad thing.  Sometimes their imagination is not a part of their reality.  “My Dad is bigger…smarter…richer…etc. than your Dad.” 

      A little over a year ago my earthly Father went home to be with his Heavenly Father.  Today, I am not only the earthly kid remembering my Dad, but I am also a kingdom kid honoring my Dad of glory.

      Jesus taught us about our relationship with the God of creation and eternal glory.  He said that God wants to be our Abba.  That is Aramaic for “Daddy.”  So let me tell you about what my “Daddy Did” for me and you and all of creation.


Scripture Text (NLT):  Mark 14:35-36; Galatians 4:4-7; Romans 8:14-17; Psalms 50:10-11


Scripture Reading: Galatians 4:4-7

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