Emmanuel Baptist Church Podcast : Children in Worship: Bring Them In

Sermons presented at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Jefferson City TN by Dr. Sonny Strange

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May 22, 2011                                                    Children in Worship


Bring Them In

Genesis 7:6-10


Synopsis: Today is a very special day for worship at Emmanuel.  This is the day we try to create a worship experience for the children in the congregation.  They are involved in every aspect of what we are doing and become the target audience for the message.

      The story of Noah is one that captures the imagination of everyone of every age.  My simple message for today points out that Noah’s primary qualification to build the ark was obedience.  He was of the habit of doing what God wanted.  So he built an ark according to God’s design that was large enough to carry animals and Noah’s family through the flood.  I use the kids to “build” an ark capable of having room enough for everyone in the worship center to fit inside.  Then I invited everyone to get on board, which they did.  WOW!  What a wonderful sight.  The adults got into the service and emptied the pews.  What a story.



Scripture Text (NLT): Genesis 6 & 7

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