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July 13, 2014                                                                                     


Bartimaeus’ Moment With the Lord

Mark 10:46-52


Synopsis: Psalm 66:16 starts off “Come and listen,” but it is not always easy to get the attention of someone to the degree that they are willing to actually listen.  If that is true of us, and I believe it is, how much more difficult is it for us to “Come and listen” to God.  That is why sometimes the Spirit must find it easier to get our attention when we are asleep than when we are awake.  Let me tell you about a dream I had that has launched me into this message for today.  My dream was about getting attention of those in the church for a revival service.

      My text for today comes from Mark 10:46-52.  It is the story of a blind man’s cry for help.  He lived in Jericho which is where Jesus was as he began His ascent to Jerusalem for His last Passover with His disciples.  Bartimaeus cried out and won a moment with Jesus that brought sign to his eyes.  We all need to learn some of the simple lessons from this story and put them into action for our own healing.


Scripture Text (NLT): Psalm 66:16-20; Mark 10:46-52


Scripture Reading: Psalm 66:16-20

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