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July 1, 2012


An Independent Voice

Matthew 3:1-12


Synopsis: John the Baptist is a good example of “An Independent Voice.”  He was not filled with the message of the status quo, rather his message was one centered on turning.  Turning was what you might call the entry point of the kingdom of God.  That is what people went out to hear.

        Jesus’ first messages carried John’s message forward.  He is our primary example of “An Independent Voice.”  He was not the mouth piece of any political group.  He had not social agenda apart from God’s. 

        What My Brother Needs from me is “An Independent Voice.”  A voice filled with the good news of Jesus Christ calling all people everywhere to come and follow Jesus.  Turning begins from where you are and leads into the kingdom of God.


Scripture Text (NLT):  Matthew 3:1-12





Dr. Sonny Strange, Pastor


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