Emmanuel Baptist Church Podcast : An Easter Affirmation of Life

Sermons presented at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Jefferson City TN by Dr. Sonny Strange

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An Easter Affirmation of Life April 12, 2009 An Easter Affirmation of Life John 20:1-18 Sermon Synopsis: An Easter Affirmation of Life makes three observations. The first word from the tomb was centered on the fact that Jesus had risen from the grave. The second word affirmed the fact that Jesus lives. That word came from many witnesses after the resurrection and even from Paul who affirmed it after the ascension. The third word comes from the church in its continuing affirmation that Jesus lives. Jesus has not only risen from the grave, He was seen alive by many witnesses. Worship continues to reveal that Jesus lives. That reality is affirmed in the hearts and lives of believers every day and especially on Easter. Scripture References (NIV): John 20:1-18; Acts 10:34-43; 1 Corinthians 15:1-11. Grace and peace to you in Christ Jesus, Dr. Sonny Strange, Pastor Emmanuel Baptist Church 1916 Overlook Ave., Jefferson City, TN 37760 Phone (865) 475-9424 Sermon podcasts available online at www.emmanueljeffcity.com
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