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An Alphabet of Praise


August 1, 2010


An Alphabet of Praise

Psalms 107-150


Sermon Synopsis: The Psalms are located at the center of our Bible.  That is an inspired location if you consider what they contain.  They speak to all of life and that is why I think they are central to a life of faith.  Jesus quoted from them as did Paul, Peter and others in the Bible.

        An Alphabet of Praise looks at book five of the Psalms.  It contains chapters 107-150 which are filled with praise.  The responsive praise “His faithful love endures forever” is found in the first verse and throughout the Psalm.  Psalm 117 is the shortest chapter in the Bible.  It only has two verses.  Psalm 199 is the longest with 176 verses.  It is literally structured around the Hebrew alphabet.  Psalm 118 is the middle chapter of the Bible.  What a book!


Scripture References (NLT): Psalms 107-150


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