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Sermons presented at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Jefferson City TN by Dr. Sonny Strange

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A Simple Truth November 1, 2009 A Simple Truth Mark 12:28-34 Sermon Synopsis: Although we establish thousands of laws, public ordinances, and rules of order people seem to have a great deal of difficulty simply doing the right thing. Jesus said that “doing the right thing” was not that complicated. When asked about complicated issues of life Jesus spoke “A Simple Truth.” In Mark 12:29-30 you will find a simple statement Jesus gave in response to what some think is a very complicated question. Jesus said the most important things in life are made simple when we put God first and treat others as we want to be treated. That simple truth works in stewardship too. How much should a believer give to God through the church? Some have said ten percent (tithe). Others ask is that before or after taxes? The simple truth Jesus said was that the believer should give to the government the things that pertain to government and to God the things that belong to God. The New Testament doesn’t talk a lot about the tithe. Maybe that was because believers were giving a lot more than ten percent. Some were giving their all. The simple truth is that God has given us time, talents and personal treasures to use in ways that honor our relationship with God and our responsibilities with those around us. Scripture References (NIV): Mark 12:28-34; Psalm 146; Matthew 7:2; Genesis 14:19b-20; Matthew 24:15-22; Luke 4:8
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