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A Holy Task

May 25, 2010


A Holy Task

1 Samuel 3


Sermon Synopsis: A Holy Task takes a look at Samuel’s call.  He was just a youth when God called him to be the prophet to his own mentor.  Samuel’s first response was “I can’t do that!”  Later his response turned to a question, “Can I do that?”  To which The Lord replied, “Yes!”  He served Israel in that role the rest of his life.

      A God calling is based on what you can do on your own, but on what God can and will enable you to do in the power of his presence.  This story makes me wonder, “What must God do to get our attention in this fast paced world we live in?”  Or more to the point, “    What must we do to be found “in a place,” so to speak, where we can hear God speaking?”

      A searching question for me relates to what God is doing now.  Is this a time when the a “message from the Lord” are “very rare, and visions … quite uncommon”? or is it that believers are not listening or responding?  What is it that God the Father has called you in Christ Jesus to do by the power of the Spirit?  Are you listening?


Scripture References (NLT): 1 Samuel 3


Scripture Reading:  1 Samuel 3:1-10, The Lord Calls Samuel

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